Greenly Flush tank Toilet bank


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Save up to 2 liters per flush with no loss in performance. Fill this plastic bag with water and hang it in the toilet reservoir/tank. It will displace an amount of water equivalent to 2 liters, which means every flush will use less water.

The Tank Bank is the easiest device to use to save water. Simply fill to top, snap to close and hang in toilet tank.

In keeping with our mission to help our site visitors reduce their environmental impact, it is possible to achieve similar results by simply placing a few bricks inside the tank.

Easy-to-fill, air lock and fill valve.

– The Tank Bank is the easiest device to use to save water. Just fill to the top, snap to close and hang in the toilet tank.
– Constructed of non-corrosive materials that resist microbes and fungal growth.
– Anti-evaporation snap/airlock means the bag never needs refilling and prevents odors.


  • Mist flow mode dispense only 700 ml per minute (Saves 90% compared to Normal aerator).
  • Spray flow mode dispense only 3.5 litres per minute (Saves 60% compared to Normal aerator).
  • Just a small twist between mist and Spray mode.
  • Customization (We can provide mist water flow rates as per your requirement from 300 ml per minute to 1 liters per minute).



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