Water Treatment Filter Media

Water Treatment Filter Media

An important part of any filtration process is that the chemical or physical substance made to separate suspended solids and particulate matter in the water source and allowing the water to pass through. . When it’s for chlorine removal, iron and manganese oxidation, or pH correction and acid neutralization that there are scores of different media for all types of filtration. We take water purification media for several kinds of water treatment programs, for example carbon ( charcoal ), coconut shell granulated activated carbon ( GAC ) and much more.

Water Treatment Filter

The filtration process becomes very much essential to separate particulate matter and suspended solids present in the water body or source. For this, industries involved in water purification or treatment use Water Treatment Filter Media to remove all sorts of impurities and allow the water to pass easily.

Features of Water Treatment Filter Media

Easily remove solids from wastewater to allow a relatively less amount of maintenance Removes solid particles from the liquid substance whenever water passes via filtration media Filters multiple small particles, like iron, sediment, chlorine, and related organic materials

Types of Water Treatment Filter Media

Water treatment filter media is available in many performance ranges, which include the following-

  • Micro filtration to remove small particles ranging between 0.1 to 10 micron meter.
  • Ultra filters to remove particles up to 0.001 micron meter.
  • Nano filters seperate molecules according to their size. It is useful in water purification procedures.


Applications of Filter Media for Water Treatment

Water Treatment Filter Media is necessary for almost every type of water body or water system associated with commercial and industrial applications. A few of the common applications include-

  • To supply clean water for drinking purposes
  • To meet the requirements of pharmacological, medical, industrial, and chemical applications for the supply of portable clean water
  • To reduce the concentration of several contaminants, like parasites, suspended particles, algae, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.


Scores of Filter Media to Treat Water Scores of Water Treatment Filter Media or water filtration depending on the type of impurity removal from the water content. These include the following-

  • Removal of chlorine
  • Correction of pH level
  • Oxidation of manganese and iron
  • Acid neutralization


What type of filter media do we offer?

Sahyadri Water Systems supplies water treatment filter media for several water treatment programs. A few of them are charcoal or carbon, activated carbon granulated in coconut shells, and similar others.

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