Up-Gradation and Retrofitting Services

Looking for cost-effective ways to upgrade or expand your plants to meet current and future requirements? With us your job can operate effectively and economically. With growth in creation, Water demands will also rise. To offer the best possible remedy to this, we update the current water treatment strategy for improved demands through retrofitting.

All this is intended and supervised by professionals using high credentials and years of expertise and implemented by technicians with tremendous experience and also a thotough dedication to the client. The tricky element of updating and retrofitting a treatment plant would be that through the update process the remaining part of the plant has to work without a process upsets and fulfill permitting guidelines.

The preliminary site survey conducted by a specialist in Sahyadri Water Systems will evaluate the website conditions and appropriate equipment, so as to urge the best appropriate solution for customer demand. Our update and retrofit capabilities deliver new or better compared to new working functionality.

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