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Misting System for Vegetable shop



This system consequently fogs your produce at wanted stretches, saving assets for more significant undertakings around your store. It is reasonable and effective. It is solely designed to fog produce with the goal that they don’t lose their shading and appearance rapidly which is expected to pull in clients and lift deals.

Poor Misting can make produce dry out while over the top moistening can make them decay. Produce case Fogging system can be very successful to guarantee that you give your produce quality fogging. You can set the system clock as indicated by your item type and fogging needs. It gives staple retailers the ability to keep up the lively appearance of leafy foods and keep them all around hydrated without extreme dampening. Misting systems hydrate and reduce spoilage of produce on display in the service case and while in cold storage.

 What is a misting system?

A misting system refers to a combination of nozzles that are placed in a strategic manner around a location in order to provide cooling facilities by converting water into fog like minute droplets under high pressure.

These systems can be used for commercial or residential spaces and have proven to be much more effective and energy efficient compared to other modes of cooling such as air conditioning. Misting also eliminates odor causing bacteria by attracting and absorbing them from particles in the air. They can be used in open or closed areas based on the size and requirements.


A misting system for vegetable shops helps in regularly fogging produce at pre-determined stretches, saving assets for more significant tasks at the store. This system id reasonable and effective. It is mainly designed to produce fog with the objective that the produce does not loose its shading and appearance quickly that can attract more customers and increase sales.

Poor misting can lead to produce drying faster while over the top moistening can make the produce decay. A misting system can be extremely successful to guarantee that the produce is given the right quantity of fogging. The system can be automated and personalized by a clock timer that will mist the produce based on their specific type and pre-determined fogging needs.

This gives staple retailers the ability to keep up the lively appearance of fresh leafy produce and ensure they are properly hydrated without excess dampening. Apart from on the counter service these systems can also be used on service cases and cold storages.

Frequently asked questions:


1.Are the misting systems effective?

Yes. Greenly India’s misting systems have shown results and customers are extremely happy with the purchases. The return on investment is clearly visible and value for money is gained.

2.What is the price for vegetable shop misting system?

The price for each order is based on various external factors such as size of operations, location etc. our team can provide a quote based on your exact needs.

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