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Misting System for Petrol Bunk Station



Why is it important?

High-pressure misting pumps are used for commercial applications where an ultra-fine mist is required. It helps in evaporative cooling by alleviating excessive heat often found in outdoor venues. Misting systems create excellent fog and mist that can be used in open and crowded areas. Frequent entry and exit of vehicles at gas stations, a large amount of dust will be generated when the vehicle is turned off and started. The dust will be dispersed in the air and will absorb harmful substances in the air. This will not only bring safety hazards to the gas station, but also affect the staff’s health, misting systems can hence help in dust suppression as well.


High temperature won’t just prompt lethargic advancement of modern manufacturing measures, high-temperature damage of apparatus and machinery, bad circulation of air, microbes reproducing, discombobulating and retching of the human body and different infections, yet in addition lead to combustible and unstable security risks. Thusly, in business roads, corner stores, stations, and ventures mist cooling framework are a totally compelling method for wellbeing and security. These are cost effective ways of achieving the desired outputs.

The high-pressure mist cooling arrangement of the Petrol and Diesel service station utilizes a high-pressure siphon and high-compel fine and miniature nozzle that helps in creating tiny fog particles which soon vanish to chill off. This strategy is to utilize the exact assembling innovation to deliver a nozzle that adjusts to the rule of liquid mechanics. Simultaneously, the high-pressure water is created by the high-pressure siphon. Through the high-pressure safe pipeline framework, the nozzle is open, and little water mist is shot out. The assembling of mister needs high innovation and the system needs significant expense.

Frequently asked questions:


1. What is the price of a petrol pump misting system?

A petrol pump misting system is based on the size of the pump, location of operations etc. our team can provide a right quote for the product based on the exact customer needs.

2. Is it important to have a misting system in petrol pumps?

Yes. Installing a misting system in petrol pumps can be extremely beneficial and also prevent unwanted accidents or risks.

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