Blow room mist system for Humidification

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Blow room mist system for Humidification in Spinning mills and Textile Industry. We design, supply and Install Humidification system in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan




What is a Blow room mist system for Humidification?

A blow room mist system is an evaporative device that cools air with the main principle of evaporation of water. This system is different and considered to be much more effective than air conditioning systems. This mainly exploits the fact that water will absorb a relatively large amount heat in order to evaporate and this will drop the heat and thermal temperature of dry air.


This system can be effectively used to maintain humidity levels at a pre set level to ensure the production process in a set location is free of any hindrances.

It can be effectively used and applied in Textile units, spinning mills and mushroom farms as all these fields require the right humidity levels to ensure that the products do not get damaged due to excess dryness and heat. Bringing down the temperature using a fogging system is much more advantageous than an air conditioning system as it consumes much less energy and water and ensures the cooling output is as effective as required.


  • Textile Units
  • Spinning Mills
  • Mushroom farms

Frequently asked questions:

1.What is the price of a blow room mist system?

The prices for each system are based on exact customer specifications, size of operations and other external factors. Our team can provide an appropriate quotation based on specified needs.

2.Does Greenly India produce its mist systems?

Yes, at Greenly India we are the leading producers of various misting systems and our suppliers have a reach across the country.

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